Don’t feel bad about dropping your New Year’s resolutions

Don’t feel bad about dropping your New Year’s resolutions

[This article was written with Dr. Lindsay Henderson, Director of Psychological Services for Amwell]

As spring marches forward, many of us are feeling guilty for abandoning our New Year’s resolutions. That energy and optimism brought on by the promise of a fresh start at the beginning of the year tends to wither as everything else seems to bloom. 

Rather than look at spring as a time to feel disappointed about not following through with your original New Year’s goals, see it as a time to regroup and rethink those resolutions. Check out these tips for getting back on track with realistic expectations for your resolutions: 

  • Focus on the meaning and personal value of goals (focus on desired results predicts lower achievement)  
  • Don’t worry about the full year just yet! Focus on realistic and tangible goals like 30 days, 10 days, 3 days – these timeframes are more effective and likely to generate momentum  
  • Shoot small with micro-habits and habit stacking in order to lead to long-term change  
  • Find an accountability buddy  
  • Don’t make them just for the year  
  • It’s easier said than done, but the power of a positive mindset can bring beneficial outcomes for all areas of your life including family, work, and home 

Regardless of how you approach 2022, remember to treat yourself with kindness. For support and guidance with goal setting, schedule an appointment with a therapist who can help you follow through on your resolutions and goals. 


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