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What are the best meal plans or programs for weight loss?

The best meal plans and programs will vary based on lifestyle choices, existing health conditions, and dietary restrictions. Here are some questions to consider when choosing a weight loss plan:

Structured versus unstructured program? For example, are you signing up for a 12-week program that includes regular, mandatory visits with a nutritionist or doctor or is it a program that you can meet with the provider at your will? For some individuals, having regular check-ins with a provider is preferable to stay on track and for accountability.

Type of diet? Does the program endorse a certain type of diet like a low carb or low fat diet? Depending on your medical history and food preferences or intolerances one type of diet might be better for you than another.

Supplements included? Some diet plans include supplements. Be careful what you sign up for! As stated above, there is not a lot of strong scientific evidence to support supplement use for weight loss. You may be wasting your money.

Wearable tracking devices included? Some weight loss plans include wearable tracking devices like a fitbit. If you like to keep track of your food, physical activity and sleep habits this might be the plan for you.

Online versus in-person? Do you prefer attending meetings or visits in person or online? There are a number of self-directed online weight loss groups and programs.

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