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What happens once I reach the virtual doctor visit provider group's website? What happens during an actual virtual doctor visit?

The first time you use a virtual doctor visit provider you will need to set up an account with that virtual doctor visit provider group. You will need to complete the patient registration process to gather medical history, pharmacy preference, primary care physician contact information and insurance information. Before your first visit, you may be asked for your credit card information.

Each time you have an online doctor visit you will be asked some brief medical questions, including questions about your current medical concern. If appropriate, you will then be connected, using secure, live audio and video technology, to a doctor licensed to deliver care in the state that you are in at the time of your visit. You and the doctor will discuss your medical issue, and if appropriate, the doctor may write a prescription* for you.

The details of your virtual doctor visit will be documented by the doctor and are available to you on the virtual doctor visit provider group’s site so that you can review and share with your primary care physician.

*Prescription services may not be available in all states.

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