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Tips for Healthier Halloween Treats

Tips for Healthier Halloween Treats

Written By: Cassandra Aviles on October 16, 2013

Updated December 2020. 

Halloween is right around the corner and stores are filled to the brim with costumes, decorations, and candy. With overly-excited children and a myriad of choices, what’s a parent to do? Well, rest assured that we have some tips to make All Hallows’ Eve an event everyone is happy to celebrate. Here are just a few items to add to your goodie bowl to make this year a little healthier.

Healthier Halloween treats

  • Whole-grain cheddar crackers
  • Individual fruit cups
  • Low-fat pudding cups
  • Fruit snacks made with 100% fruit with added vitamin C
  • Fruit leathers made with 100% fruit
  • Baked, unsalted bags of pretzels
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Animal-shaped graham crackers made without trans fats
  • Cereal bars made with real fruit

The list goes on!

All of these items are available in snack-size packages. Remember to read labels when making your purchase to double-check ingredients. For example: Make sure cheddar crackers are made with whole grains and that juice boxes are made with 100% fruit.

Some other alternate options that trick-or-treaters can’t get enough of include Halloween pencils, tattoos, spider rings, or stickers. And, of course, if you just can’t resist, you can always opt for bite-size candy! After all, healthy eating is all about balance. Have a happy Halloween!