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Keeping Your New Year's Resolution a Secret? You're Not Alone

Keeping Your New Year's Resolution a Secret? You're Not Alone

Written By: Cassandra Aviles on January 10, 2014

Updated September 2020. 

A new year means it's the goal-setting season; a time when people decide what they would like to achieve for the upcoming year and their hopes for the country as a whole. So what do Americans care about in 2014? Not surprisingly, people's number one resolution is to lose weight, followed closely by eating better, taking care of family and quitting smoking.

But the funny thing is, people don't tell anyone about their resolutions. Perhaps this is why just eight percent of people actually keep their resolutions months later.

When telehealth leader Amwell surveyed 1,000 consumers using Google Consumer Surveys, losing weight took the top spot, with three out of 10 people eager to shed pounds. But over half, 56% of people surveyed, said they would not tell anyone about their resolution. And a third agreed that they lack the motivation to achieve their goals. It's possible that a lack of a proper support system is an important factor in why most of Americans don't stick with their goals during the year. Sometimes, talking to a doctor can help.

"Many patients want to know the easiest way to get healthy," said Dr. Peter Antall, Chief Medical Officer for Amwell. "I encourage them to discuss their health goals with a doctor and work together to create an attainable plan to achieve desired results. It's also not a bad idea to include a friend or family member in the discussion; people see more success when they have a strong support network to keep them motivated."

And what about our country as a whole?  When asked what America's New Year's resolution should be, consumers wrote in their top answers. The results are a sign of the times: "World Peace" won the day, with "Lose Weight" and "Get Out of Debt" as the second and third responses.

Amwell provides the perfect solution for those focused on getting healthy: immediate access to a doctor or dietitian via on-demand video from a smartphone or computer to discuss health goals and concerns. The service is convenient and affordable, making it possible for anyone to see a physician without an appointment anytime 24/7. Whatever your health resolution is, Amwell can help.

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