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Five Best Nutrition Apps

Five Best Nutrition Apps

Written By: Cassandra Aviles on August 01, 2014

Recently, I seemed to subscribe to what I'll call the Hungry, Hungry Hippo school of nutrition. I gobbled up whatever I could find when I was hungry and didn't think much of it until I was ready for my next meal.

But then I had a nutrition consult. It was awesome. In addition to creating a monthly meal plan and a weekly grocery list for me, the nutritionist gently taught me that my current approach might not be the most effective.

It's true, we've already made our pick for the best overall health apps, but the whole nutrition sub-category is brimming with its own awesome apps. Here are our top picks:

1. Best app to help you lose weight: LoseIt!

What it does: This ultimate weight loss motivator helps you track your meals and your exercise by setting a daily personalized calorie "budget." It even has a built-in barcode scanner that lets you easily track your snacks on the go. And with a premium update, you can connect devices like FitBit or Nike Fuelband to track how many calories you've burned.

How much it costs: Free for the basic version but $39.99 for the premium upgrade.

Why we love it: It doesn't just help you lose weight, it motivates you to lose weight. From the social community to the gamification elements, this app helps you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

What users say: “I HATE to workout. I think it's the most boring thing to do. I feel like a hamster in a cage whenever I step into a gym. But somehow having a visual picture of the calories I'm adding to my body, makes me want to burn them. Plus, whenever I burn more calories I get to "treat" myself to a yummier meal."

2. Best app to help you build muscle: JEFIT Workout

What it does: While not exactly a nutrition app, it goes hand in hand with your nutrition goals. If you're looking to bulk up, this app has over 1,300 exercises to help you get there. You can even track your progress in the app and get suggestions for how to diversify your workout to target different muscle groups.

How much it costs: FREE.

Why we love it: It's easy to get stuck in a workout rut, but this app has the variety and motivation to keep you on track with both your exercise and your nutrition goals.

What users say: “This is the best fitness app I have ever tried. Love it! I will have it on my must-have list."

3. Best app for pregnancy nutrition: Eating For Two

What it does: Helps busy moms-to-be make sure they're eating right for both themselves and their baby according to the tenets of the Brewer Prenatal Diet.

How much it costs: FREE.

Why we love it: Following the Brewer diet is tricky, especially when you're preoccupied with, you know, growing another human. Thankfully this app does the hard work so you can focus on what's important.

What users say: “Great app to support prenatal diet. You might want to read up on the basics of The Brewer Prenatal diet to help it make more sense if you're confused."

4. Best app for grocery lists: OurGroceries

What it does: This app lets two or more people share grocery lists and recipe ideas in real time. If you are both out shopping, you can see when the other person crosses an item off of your joint list.

How much it costs: FREE.

Why we love it: This app was totally built for how real humans plan and buy food. We love that this app puts all members of a household on the same grocery shopping page.

What users say: “I started doing all the grocery shopping when my wife went back to college. I found this app and it has made my life sooo much easier. It's great that you can add items to your list, at the moment you realize you need them, and not forget the item before you get home to write it on that piece of paper stuck to your fridge. I was able to customize the app to match the isles in our local grocery store."

5. Best nutritionist app: Amwell (obviously)

What it does: Food trackers are helpful but if you want a custom meal plan or grocery list based on your family's nutritional needs, you should see a real nutritionist. Thankfully, you can see one on American Well for just $25.

How much it costs: FREE to download, $25 per visit.

Why we love it: Sure, we're biased, but our app is pretty cool. It lets you video chat with a real nutritionist who can help you create a plan to meet your health goals. Whether that's losing weight or gaining muscle, the nutritionists on American Well can help you get there.

What users say: “So cool seeing a nutritionist! She gave me great dinner ideas for my gluten-sensitive family.”

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