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Five Reasons Doctors Love Seeing Patients Online

Five Reasons Doctors Love Seeing Patients Online

Written By: Cassandra Aviles on August 14, 2014

Doctors are busy. With a physician shortage looming just beyond the horizon, your average primary care doctor is usually running from patient to patient with little

That's why many doctors love practicing medicine online. Sure, many continue to practice in-person as well, but practicing online gives them a chance to reconnect with the reason they become a doctor in the first place: to help patients feel better. Here are the top five reasons doctors love seeing patients online:

Reason #1: They don't feel rushed

When doctors see patients in person, they often have about five minutes for the entire appointment. But when they see patients online, the visit lasts up to 15 minutes. Plus, without the distractions that naturally result from a busy office, the doctor can really focus on what's important, the patient.

Reason #2: They get to actually look at the patient

At your last doctor's appointment, you might have noticed the doctor kept their eyes on their computer and not on you. They weren't being rude, they were carefully documenting your visit for your electronic medical record. But with online doctor visits, the documentation is built into your encounter. What that means for you is a lot more face time. Literal face time that is.

Reason #3: The patient is more comfortable

Cold exam tables and paper gowns are not exactly the ingredients for a warm, comfortable environment. When you see your doctor from the comfort of the couch or you even your bed, you're more likely to be open and honest about your symptoms.

Reason #4: They can follow up

Through our secure message system, the doctors on American Well can send follow up materials, questions and treatment advice to their patients. In-person, they might not have the security software needed to send the same type of communication over email. That continuity of care can be rare in the real world but surprisingly common in online healthcare.

Reason #5: The patient is grateful

Compared to spending hours in a flu-infested waiting room, patients prefer seeing a doctor when they want to and where they want to. The doctors who practice on American Well tell us that patients are usually pretty psyched they were able to get great quality care this way.