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6 Reasons Moms Love Our Lactation Consultants

Updated July 2020 For all those moms out there – we know breastfeeding isn’t always easy. You get home from the hospital and the questions begin. You can...
6 Reasons Moms Love Our Lactation Consultants
Written By: Kate Finkelston on March 07, 2017

Updated July 2020

For all those moms out there – we know breastfeeding isn’t always easy. You get home from the hospital and the questions begin. You can schedule an appointment with your local lactation consultant or pediatrician, but then you have to get the little nugget in the car, and let’s be real – your baby needs attention, now! Who has time to wait? Amwell might be the answer to mothers’ prayers.

Amwell has launched their Breastfeeding Support program, which will bring trusted IBCLC’s, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants, to you, wherever it is you might be. All you need is a mobile device, tablet, or desktop with video and you’re good to go. Our lactation consultants are available to provide help on issues such as latching, breast pain, and questions about milk supply. Lauren Majors – an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) here at Amwell – has shared 6 ways lactation services can help:

1. Convenience. Many mothers have a ton of questions when it comes to breastfeeding their babies. However, not every mother is able to see a board-certified lactation consultant to help answer those questions before leaving the hospital. We want every mother to have the option. With lactation consultants available in every state, this is now possible. Moms can self-schedule their appointments with consultants available from 7 am to 11 pm, in all time zones.

2. Expertise. At the beginning of a visit, our lactation consultants will conduct a breastfeeding assessment. This gives the IBCLC’s an opportunity to see how the mother and child interact. Your lactation consultant wants to create a comfortable/open dialogue for you and your child, so having a visit is easy. This assessment is very educational in nature. The consultants are there to help guide and educate you on what is going on and answer any and all of your questions.

3. Choice. At Amwell, IBCLC’s are listed with a brief biography and headshot, so you choose the one you want and can start to get acquainted with them before the visit even starts. We want our mothers to feel comfortable and confident with their consultants from the very beginning.

4. Referrals. If your lactation consultant on Amwell sees that you need a physician’s advice, they can make a referral to one of our board-certified doctors available 24/7 with a variety of specialties. Our IBCLC’s can refer you to a PCP that specializes in pediatrics, family medicine, etc. and you’ll have the option to have a visit right away.

5. Family. Amwell also allows for a multiway video option, which means you can have your support team there with you during a consult. So go ahead and invite your mom or partner to help find solutions whenever a breastfeeding issue arises.

6. Personal. Every mother is different – plain and simple. Which is why our lactation consultants like to get a well-rounded picture of who you are. Our goal is to have our mothers feel confident, so you can successfully breastfeed your baby.

It’s normal to have questions about your breastfeeding experience – most mothers do. We’re here to help. Try a visit with one of our lactation consultants today and don’t go another day with unanswered questions. 

Article Footnote Image: Lauren Majors, IBCLC