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What You Need to Know About Couples Therapy

Couples therapy isn’t always talked about openly, but many people in relationships experience periods of struggle and difficulty and seek help. Sometimes,...
What You Need to Know About Couples Therapy
Written By: Ashley Kane on February 04, 2020

Couples therapy isn’t always talked about openly, but many people in relationships experience periods of struggle and difficulty and seek help. Sometimes, having a therapist available to guide you and your loved one through hard times is beneficial.  

Amwell offers online visits for couples therapy, so you and your partner can talk to a licensed counselor from home. With the convenience of online visits, you and your partner can focus less on travel or waiting times and more on what really matters open communication.  

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a therapy session where you focus on the relationship between you and your partner. The main goals are often to identify and resolve interpersonal conflict so you can improve your romantic relationship.

Typically, a licensed therapist will listen to you and your partner, guiding the conversation or asking questions to learn more about you. Having a professional, objective third-party present (online or in-person) can give you insight into your relationship and identify patterns that may lead to repeated conflict. 

While many people may choose couples therapy for specific issues such as infidelity or after years of resentment have built up, it may be helpful to think of couples therapy as preventive if you catch issues early and work to resolve them, you can help prevent them from becoming bigger problems later on. 

After learning about your history, a therapist may encourage you to try certain tactics or provide tips on how to resolve conflict or increase emotional expression. A therapist may also suggest follow-up appointments if necessary. Of course, it’s important to remember that the therapy session is for you and your partner — you can express your wishes about how you’d like your session to go.    

Why consider online couples therapy?

Online couples therapy can be a great option for partners looking to discuss relationship problems and for those who are eager to grow or change together. Here’s why: 

  • Amwell online couples therapy is an ideal place to start because you can conveniently schedule appointments and have them from wherever you and your partner are most comfortable. Often, this is at home. There’s no travel or waiting room involved. 
  • You have more options and access to providers. There are many licensed therapists on the app so it’s easy to try out appointments with different providers until you find the right fit for you and your partner. 
  • It will reduce your out-of-pocket costs. An online therapy appointment costs $99 or less, compared to the average in-office therapy visit of $161. Amwell online therapy appointments are often covered or partially covered with many types of insurance, so be sure to check in the app. You can also choose to pay $99 out-of-pocket without entering insurance. 
  • Here’s more information about what to expect for your first online therapy visit so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Relationships aren’t always easy, and they’re rarely the perfect or idealistic partnership we may make them out to be. They are often a balance of give-and-take and require both individuals to put in care and effort. Amwell is here for you and your significant other whenever you need help, counseling, or therapy. Simply log on to the Amwell app, select a preferred provider under the “Therapy” practice, and schedule a visit today