5 Quick & Healthy Snacks for Pregnant Women

5 Quick & Healthy Snacks for Pregnant Women
Hungry all the time, but can’t eat big meals?  Feel low on energy?  Not sure how to get in all the nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy? Here are some simple snack ideas to the rescue!  Snacks should be a pregnant woman’s best friend!  Eating nutrient dense snacks throughout the day will provide you and your growing baby with the fuel needed for a healthy pregnancy. Note: All recipes can be healthy every day choices throughout your whole pregnancy. Feel free to always add nuts, raisins or fruit all this snacks for even more nutrients for you and your baby.

Snack #1: Avocado Toast  

Whole grain bread toasted and topped with ripe, mashed avocado.  Drizzle with honey for a sweet treat or sprinkle with cayenne pepper and sea salt for a savory option.

Snack #2: Plain Yogurt and Granola 

Grab and go with a yogurt and serving of granola for a mid-morning pick me up.  Top with ground flax seeds or chopped (unsalted) nuts for an extra dose of essential fatty acids and fiber.

Snack #3: Hummus with Veggies and Whole Grain Crackers

Power up with protein and fiber-rich hummus.  Dip with sliced veggies and whole grain crackers for the perfect mini-meal that will give you energy all day long.

Snack #4: Apple Slices and Nut Butter

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  Top with almond, peanut or cashew butter or try adding a slice of cheddar cheese instead.

Snack #5: Banana and Bar

Don’t be caught off guard, throw a banana and snack bar in your bag for a quick fix.  Look for a snack bar with minimal added sugar and at least 3 grams of fiber.

Also, you can always connect with an online nutritionist for even more healthy tips regarding pregnancy or everyday healthy eating habits.

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