Hear from an Amwell Doctor: 5 Things to Know about COVID-19 and Flu Prevention

Hear from an Amwell Doctor: 5 Things to Know about COVID-19 and Flu Prevention

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You may be wondering what steps you can take 
to protect yourself from COVID-19 and the flu this fall. Dr. Mia, senior medical director at Amwell Medical Group, shares tips for you and your family:  

  1. Flu shots are important, especially this year 

    Getting a flu shot can help protect you against the flu, reduce confusion about symptoms, and minimize your risk of getting two conditions at once. If you do end up with the infection, a flu shot can help lessen your symptoms,” says Dr. Mia. Additionally, getting a vaccine can help protect those in your community, by being one less person to get sick and transmit germs. 

    The CDC recommends that most people six months and older get a flu shot.  

  2. Wash your hands often to remove germs. 

    “Handwashing is proven to help prevent illnesses,” says Dr. Mia. “Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if not available, a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. 

    Also, try not to touch your face, including your eyes, nose, and mouth! 

  3. With the colder months, more people may be spending more time in indoor public spaces. Remember to keep six feet away from others and wear a mask. 

    “If you are out, try to be smart, not fearful. You can take precautions,” says Dr. Mia. “Keep in mind that those who are at risk for severe illness may want to consider avoiding or limiting time spent in public places.”  

    People with an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 can click here for more information 

  4. If you do have symptoms, try not to panic. Amwell doctors are here 24/7 for care.  

    Remember that if you have a runny nose, cough with or without a fever, or other symptoms, stay home from work or that social engagement,” says Dr. Mia. Even the common cold can spread without proper hand hygiene and physical distancing. Kids can be kept home from school.” 

    Telehealth can be your first line of defense for the flu and COVID-19. If you’re not feeling well, you can get advice from a doctor anytime. 

  5. Online doctors can treat other conditions. 

    “We’re here to help!” says Dr. Mia. “Have a visit anytime you need care.” 

    If you’re looking to limit your contact with germs, are at a higher risk for severe illness, or simply want convenient care from home  have an online visit in minutes. Amwell doctors can help with acne, allergic reactions, bumps or lumps, ear infections, pink eye, rashes, UTIs, and more. 

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Now is the time to try telemedicine!

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