9 Ways a Registered Dietitian Can Help You

9 Ways a Registered Dietitian Can Help You

[This article was written with Maika Lungo, a registered dietitian on Amwell}

9 Reasons to Connect with a Registered Dietitian

Every day there are new reports on what we should be eating to improve our health and well-being. It can be really conflicting and the advice can be confusing.  Diet books and the Internet may seem like easy solutions, but your best bet is the personalized services of a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN). Whether you want to slim down, lower your cholesterol or simply eat better, RDNs on Amwell can help you cut through the clutter of confusing nutrition advice and provide an easy to follow plan, tailored to you and your goals.

Still not sure about having a visit? Here are 9 reasons connecting with a RDN on Amwell may benefit you and your families:

I need guidance changing my diet due to a chronic condition – RDNs can help you adapt your diet to control chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

I want to lose or gain weight – Interested in seeing some changes on the scale? A RDN can guide you with a nutrition plan that will pack on the calories for weight gain or help you skim the calories for weight loss.

I am pregnant or trying to get pregnant – Nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy for you and your baby are very important! An RDN can ensure you are consuming the correct foods, vitamins and minerals.

I am training for a half marathon, marathon, or triathlon – Training for several hours a day requires proper nutrition, hydration, and recovery. We can guide you with a calorie goal that will fit your training goals as well as provide the proper foods to consume before, during, and after prolonged exercise.

I want a healthy eating plan tailored for ME – You may already be at your desired weight, but now you want to fine tune your eating to ensure that you’re getting the proper nutrients and nutrition. A RDN can review your current eating regimen and suggest changes based on your calorie and nutrient goals.

I am looking for new ways to keep my family healthy – Planning healthy meals for you and your family can be overwhelming, especially when everyone has different tastes or maybe you have a picky eater at home. An RDN can provide easy, healthy recipes and tips that you and your family's diverse taste buds will love.

I am looking for easy meal planning and healthy snacks – The first step to eating healthy is planning, planning, and more planning. And that is true for snacks on the go. Not only can an RDN guide you through meal planning, we can also ensure you are prepared to make healthy choices during the enire day. 

I am looking for ways to boost my energy throughout the day – Are there days were you are feeling sluggish? An RDN can review your current meal regimen and offer suggestions that will give you the boost of energy you need to get you through your day. 

I want to watch what I eat, but not sacrifice my favorite foods – Most feel that if they go “on a diet”, they can only eat salads. This is not the case! You do not have to sacrifice all your favorite foods to eat healthier.  

Unlike traditional office appointments, RDNs on Amwell are available early, late, and on holidays.  So beginning today, tomorrow or the day after that, you can see a dietitian and take immediate steps to create a nutrition plan that works best for you. If you are ready to see a RDN on Amwell, log on and use couon code RESOLUTION for a free visit.

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