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  • World Breastfeeding Week – August 1-7

    World Breastfeeding Week – August 1-7
    This year, WABA’s emphasis for World Breastfeeding Week is on strengthening the capacity of actors that protect, promote and support breastfeeding across different levels of society including governments, health systems, workplaces and communities to provide and sustain breastfeeding-friendly environments for families in the post-pandemic world. According to WABA, breastfeeding can assist with sustainable development strategies post-pandemic, as it can improve nutrition, ensure food security, and reduce inequalities between and within countries.
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  • Don’t feel bad about dropping your New Year’s resolutions

    Don’t feel bad about dropping your New Year’s resolutions
    Rather than look at spring as a time to feel disappointed about not following through with your original New Year’s goals, see it as a time to regroup and rethink those resolutions. Check out these tips for getting back on track with realistic expectations for your resolutions:
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  • 5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

    5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season
    'Tis the season for overeating and consuming our favorite unhealthy foods. But there are a few simple things we can do to avoid overindulging.
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  • What is Mindfulness?

    What is Mindfulness?
    Mindfulness is an often-used term. But what does it mean, what are the benefits to your physical and mental health, and how can you practice being mindful?
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  • Understanding Social Anxiety

    Understanding Social Anxiety
    If you fear or dread social situations, it could be more than just shyness. What is social anxiety, what are its symptoms, and how is it treated?
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