Amwell Named Top Online Therapy Service by Wirecutter

Amwell Named Top Online Therapy Service by Wirecutter

We have exciting news! Amwell has been named the top platform for online therapy services by Wirecutter. This recognition marks an important moment in our journey and we are excited about the progress we’ve made!

Current behavioral health services only address about one-quarter of the nation’s mental health needs.  We’re working hard every day to make healthcare and therapy more accessible to people everywhere through telehealth. That’s why Amwell online therapy visits are available on days, nights, and weekends so you can fit therapy into your schedule when it’s most convenient. 

“Telehealth is breaking down the barriers generally associated with behavioral health – such as stigma and lack of access to quality care,” says Lindsay Henderson, PsyD, director of Psychological Services at American Well. “We know from our own consumer survey that all demographics, but especially millennials, are willing to use telehealth for behavioral health. It’s important that we meet patients where they are and where they are comfortable, and telehealth provides an important means by which to do this.”  

According to Wirecutter, Amwell stood out amongst five other telehealth platforms for its:

  • Unique interface and ability to make the therapy experience feel more like a traditional in-person visit. For example, there is an option for patients to hide the front-facing camera during the appointment.
  • Wide selection of therapists so patients can choose a provider that best fits their needs and preferences.
  • Accreditation by the American Telemedicine Association.
  • High level of online security.

“We’re proud to be recognized for our efforts in behavioral telehealth and for the unparalleled capabilities of the Amwell telehealth service,” says Peter Antall, MD, Chief Medical Officer at American Well. “We’ve long believed that we have the best network of behavioral health providers and therapists and to receive a strong recommendation from the leading consumer review guide, Wirecutter, validates our efforts to provide the highest quality and convenient behavioral health care.”    

As part of the review process, a panel of seven Wirecutter employees searched for therapists on five behavioral telehealth platforms – including Amwell, MDLive, Doctor On Demand, BetterHelp and Talkspace. The reviewers lived in seven different states, and their preferences varied based on type of therapy and provider. Testers took into account not only the interfaces, but also pricing, platform security, accreditation, the number of available therapists, ease of scheduling, and whether they were able to find a therapist who suited their needs and preferences.

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