Five Tips for Holiday Stress

Five Tips for Holiday Stress

The holidays are a great time to take a break from work, surround yourself with family and friends, and enjoy festive meals. This time of year can also feel busy and somewhat overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help reduce any (understandable) stress you may experience. 

1. Take a deep breath. A deep breath can help you pause and collect your thoughts. Slowing things down also gives you some time to identify what would be supportive in that moment. This could be a good time to recruit some family members or friends to help. 

2. Recognize your limits. It can feel difficult to set boundaries for yourself, especially when there are so many things going on at once. Try to focus on your priorities — which events, tasks, or errands will make you feel the most energized? Exploring this question will help you focus on, and respect, your own limits. 

3. Cut yourself some slack. While it is easy to feel pressured into creating the "perfect" experience, try to remind yourself that there's actually no such thing! Bring your attention to whatever brings you joy and remember that sometimes the not-so-perfect memories are actually the best.

4. Take it all in. Try to focus on the present moment  notice the different colors, smells, and sounds around you. Noticing these details will likely help you to truly be in the experience. 

5. Speak with a therapist. If you continue to feel stressed and would like some support you can have a visit with a therapist online. Either way, try to let the goal of this holiday season be to take care of yourself! 


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