Healthy Barbecue Tips

Healthy Barbecue Tips

Summer barbecues can be a lot of fun — plenty of food, friends, and great summer activities. It can also be somewhat overwhelming if you're trying to be mindful of your waistline. Here are some quick tips for a healthy, enjoyable barbecue from Margaret Apura, a registered dietitian on Amwell.

Choose lean meat. Some great options include grilled/low-fat chicken, turkey burgers, turkey hot dogs, and chicken or turkey sausage. 

Skip the bun. This will save you on calories and carbs! If you really love the bun, try one made of 100% whole wheat.

Find a balance. Summer is the best time of year to enjoy local produce! Try to make some room on your plate for these low calorie, high fiber fruits and veggies.

Avoid the chip overload. This can be really difficult, especially if you're standing right by the chip table. Make an effort to turn to vegetables instead — you'll get that satisfying crunch without the extra calories.

Stay hydrated. While soda, lemonade, and beer are tasty, it's also a good idea to drink plenty of water. It will quench your thirst and help your improve the way your body feels. 

Don’t Forget Breakfast. A healthy, well balanced breakfast can make a huge difference. Remember to include some protein and a fruit or vegetable with your morning meal.

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