Here's Why Parents Love Telehealth

Here's Why Parents Love Telehealth

When it comes to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family, more and more parents are choosing telehealth as their go-to healthcare option. Whether it's because they are busy at work or need to stay home, sometimes scheduling an in-person visit can feel burdensome. Plus, many parents experience additional stressors such as helping their children with homework, cleaning up the house, and just trying to get enough sleep themselves. The main reasons parents love telehealth is because it is: 

 1. Collaborative 

With board-certified doctors just a click away, moms know they’re never alone when it comes to the well-being of their kids. Using telehealth, doctors can diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication for many common conditions. If you have questions about your child’s health—like all mothers do—our doctors are always available to discuss your concerns and give you some answers.

 2. Efficient

If you have multiple children, you know how draining it can be to pack everybody into a car for a ride to the doctor’s office, or the stress of finding a babysitter at the last minute. Corralling your kids into a car because one is sick not only increases the possibility of germs spreading, it also makes a long trip feel even longer. Telehealth helps you skip all the hassle because your child can see a doctor from home. No excess travel, coordination, or frustration. 

 3. Convenient 

Getting sick is pretty much always inconvenient, both for your child and the rest of your family. Whether it’s on vacation, in the middle of the night, or during a holiday gathering, when your child gets sick everything else seems to come to a halt. The good news is doctors on Amwell are available 24/7, plus on nights and weekends so you have support whenever you need it. 

4. Comfortable

Sick children typically would rather stay snuggled up in bed or on the couch rather than visit a doctor's office. When they are home they can watch movies, eat nourishing food, and rest as much as they need to. Seeking medical care doesn't have to mean interrupting the healing process. In fact — one of the best parts of telehealth is that your child can start getting better right from the comfort of home. 

5. Universal 

Parents can use telehealth, too! Doctor's on Amwell can see you for non-life threatening conditions such as rashes, UTIs, the flu, and more. 

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