Keep Your Nutrition on Point this Holiday Season

Keep Your Nutrition on Point this Holiday Season

The holiday season brings about all kinds of sweet temptations from chocolate fudge to sugar cookies. Allow yourself to indulge without worrying with these five tips.

  1. Try not to leave the house hungry. Did you know it takes your body about 20 minutes to realize you are full? Fruits or vegetables and a tall glass of water at least 20 minutes before your food-heavy event will give your brain and stomach some time to realize that you might not be as hungry as you thought. Plus, a healthy snack might help you feel less hungry and better able to check in with yourself before choosing what to eat at the party.

  2. Survey the table before making your food selections. If you see something you could get at the grocery store then perhaps skip it and choose the homemade and/or unique option. The idea is to skip treats that you could have any time and indulge in the goodies that are exclusive to the holiday season.
  1. Bring something healthy for everyone to enjoy. Whether it's a veggie platter or a beautiful fruit arrangement, healthy snacks are a great addition to any holiday table. Check out this list of yummy recipes approved by one of our registered dietitians. Sometimes the healthier dish can be the hit of the night!

  2. Choose your beverages mindfully. Whether it's alcohol, hot cocoa, or any other festive drink, it can be a good idea to pace yourself. You might try drinking a glass of water or seltzer between each cocktail, glass of wine, or holiday beer. Most likely, you’ll cut your alcohol drinks in half and stay hydrated.

  3. Move your body. It's understandable if the hectic holiday season has changed up your exercise routine. Try not not punish yourself! Instead, see if you can incorporate some physical activities between family meals and desserts. Perhaps you take a walk, play in the backyard, and/or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself, cut yourself some slack, and try to do whatever brings you the most joy.

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