Tips to Survive Snowmageddon

Tips to Survive Snowmageddon

Dr. Peter Antall, a doctor on Amwell, gives his tips for staying safe during winter storms.

How to prep for the big storm

  • Be prepared with extra food, bottled water, formula (for infants); the essentials
  • Identify a backup source of warmth, in the event that your heating goes out  - i.e. a wood stove, battery operated space heater
  • Watch out for ice on your doorstep, drive way, or road (salt/sand where necessary)

How to Prevent Injury when shoveling

  • Use a weight belt, if you have known back issues
  • Use your legs – not just your arms and back
  • Push, don’t lift the snow

If injured, you should

  • Rest – stop what you’re doing to attend to the injury
  • Apply heat to the location of the injury (this could be in the form of a heating pad, hot bath or shower)
  • Take an anti-inflammatory medication
  • See a doctor on or via the Amwell app, if the injury feels worse or you need a professional opinion

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