Spring has Sprung, and so Have Asthma Triggers

Spring has Sprung, and so Have Asthma Triggers

For some, spring is a great time to get outdoors or do some much-needed cleaning; for others, though, it feels like an asthma attack waiting to happen. You can get ahead of your asthma by knowing what triggers them and tips for finding relief. Here are a few of the most common asthma triggers, identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): 

Trigger: Pollen

Spring usually bring blooming flowers, green trees, and warmer weather. But if you have asthma, spring also means pollen allergies. Inhaling pollen can cause sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose. While this can be very uncomfortable, luckily you have some control over the your level of exposure to pollen. 

Tip: The pollen count is at its highest between five and 10 am, as well as at dusk. Try to limit your outdoor time during these times, and check the daily weather forecast for pollen counts.

Trigger: Dust Mites

You may be one of many people who honor the tradition of spring cleaning, which often means dusting, sweeping, spraying, and vacuuming. While cleaning certainly helps get rid of dust mites, it can also trigger your asthma. 

Tip: When spring cleaning, apply dust-proof covers for mattresses, pillows, box springs, and sofas. Also, wash bed linens frequently in hot water. 

Trigger: Exercise

Now that the weather is nicer, it may be easier to do more outdoor activities. For many people, that means running, biking, hiking and playing sports, but you may be more limited if you have asthma. While some forms of exercise can trigger asthma, there are a lot of options that won't. 

Tip: Activities that are usually safe for people with asthma include swimming, walking, leisure biking, and hiking. It's best to talk to your provider about which activities are best for you. 

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