Ten Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

Ten Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

Updated July 2020.

According to the CDC, 70 percent of American need to lose weight. But getting on that road to weight loss can be overwhelming. How do you get started?

Here's the truth: Losing weight doesn't need to be incredibly time-consuming. In fact, the most effective way to lose weight is simply to eat better. Scientists estimate that weight loss is 75 percent based on diet, with only 25 percent based on exercise.

That doesn't mean you need to suddenly throw out the entire contents of your pantry. Start with small, simple changes that will have a big impact on your overall weight loss goals.

Here are ten quick and easy tips to improve your diet and start losing weight:

Tip #1: Start small 

Coffee drinker? At only 5 calories, black coffee is a much healthier alternative than drinking coffee with additives. After several weeks of drinking it, you'll actually start to prefer it over the overly creamy and sugary alternatives.

Tip #2: Swap your soda

Whenever you feel a soda craving coming on, try satisfying it with iced tea or water. If you miss the fizz, try seltzer water with light flavoring like adding lemon or lime. In addition to cutting out all that unnecessary sugar, replacing a sugary drink with water will help keep you hydrated. 

Tip #3: Go for whole grains

Whole grain is better when it comes to pasta, bread, and rice. You'll cut out sugar and gain a healthy dose of fiber if you make the switch. Plus, just like black coffee, your taste buds will adjust after a few weeks and you may start to prefer the taste.

Tip #4: Bring back breakfast

When you eat a healthy breakfast, you're less likely to overindulge on snacks during the day. Even just a simple piece of fruit as you leave the house will give your metabolism that necessary boost.

Tip #5: Break out the baking sheet

If you like to cook, try roasting and baking your ingredients instead of frying and sautéing them. Your food will retain its vitamins and minerals but you'll lose the unnecessary fat from all that extra oil and butter you add in stove-side.

Tip #6: Make Mondays meatless

Vegetarians and vegans typically weigh 3 percent to 20 percent less than their meat-eating peers. By trading beef and pork for vegetables and legumes, you can save big on calories and fat. Live like your veggie-loving friends one day a week with a seasonal salad or tofu and rice dish to start the week off right.

Tip #7: Stick to the perimeter

Grocery stores typically stock their healthiest fare (fruits, veggies, yogurt, eggs, etc.) around the perimeter of the grocery store. The middle aisles contain the processed foods that you should avoid when possible. Try and do most of your shopping in those outer aisles.

Tip #8: Check your portions

Make sure you're eating appropriate portion sizes. A good rule of thumb (rule of hand?) is that your portion should fit within the palm of your hand.

Tip #9: Sauce on the side

Restaurants often add too much dressing or sauce to meals. By asking for it separately, you can season your meal with just enough sauce to enjoy the flavor while keeping fat and sodium counts low.

Tip #10: Keep it colorful

The best diet is a balanced one and the best meal is a mixed one. From leafy green spinach to red tomatoes, the healthiest foods vary in color. Add splashes of color to your meals to keep your eyes and tastebuds interested and on a healthy track.

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