Ten Quick Tips To Fight Allergies

Ten Quick Tips To Fight Allergies

Updated July 2020. 

If you have seasonal allergies, you likely have some go-to methods to help relieve your symptoms. Here are additional tips to help with a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and itchy throat.

Tip #1: Close the windows

Fresh air may feel great at first but it could be contributing to your allergies, as pollen and other allergens can enter your home through open windows. Keep cool inside with a fan or filtering air conditioner while keeping that pollen out.

Tip #2: Take your shoes off

During allergy season, it's a good idea to leave your shoes at the door. Otherwise, you may accidentally track pollen inside.

Tip #3: Hop in the shower

After enjoying the outdoors, take a warm shower. This has two allergy-busting benefits. First, you'll clean your skin of any tagalong allergens. But even better, the steam from the shower will help clear your sinuses and give you some relief. 

Tip #4: Drink up

Warm tea may help soothe your throat and staying hydrated with water can help thin the mucus in your nose and make you feel less congested.

Tip #5: Switch clothes

Just like your shoes may track pollen in, your clothes can too! If you spent some time outside, consider changing into "indoor" clothes once you get home to lessen the chance of pollen or other allergens spreading indoors.

Tip #6: Avoid smoke

Cigarette smoke may aggravate your allergies. If you smoke now, add this to the list of reasons to quit. Otherwise, try to avoid secondhand smoke. 

Tip #7: Have an online doctor's visit

Amwell doctors are online 24/7 to help with allergy symptoms. See a doctor in minutes to get a treatment plan and next steps for care. Prescriptions can also be sent to your preferred pharmacy. 

Tip #8: Trade your contacts for glasses

Pollen and other allergens can get stuck under your contact lenses and cause allergy symptoms. Consider wearing glasses outside during allergy months for easier cleaning. 

Tip #9: Give your grass a buzz cut

Cutting your grass short may help prevent allergies. Be careful though: The mere act of cutting grass can stir up pollen, and thus your allergy symptoms. Consider asking a neighbor or friend to help out! 

Tip #10: Hit the beach

Need an excuse to take a beach vacation? Oceanside beaches typically have less pollen and allergens than tree-lined inland areas.

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