The Future of Doctor Visits is Now

The Future of Doctor Visits is Now

There are dozens of films and TV shows that have depicted what the future world looks like, from flying cars and robots to hoverboards and self-drying clothing. In fact, today marks the date featured as the future in the classic 1989 film, “Back to the Future II”.

Re-examining today’s world, “Back to the Future, Part II” proves to be surprisingly foreshadowing, especially when Marty McFly's calls Needles and his supervisor via video conferencing. Nearly 26 years ago, video conferencing was just that — a phenomenon of the very distant future.

Today, advances in technology have evolved the doctor-patient dynamic significantly. Now we can instantly connect wit a doctor from the comfort of our home. Doctors on Amwell allow patients to receive the right care at the right time; compared to the options Marty McFly had back in 1989, which limited the time and place one was able to access a doctor.  In fact, an impressive 64% of Americans say they are willing to have a video visit with a doctor, stating convenience and time as two big factors.

So if you happen to fall off your hover board or get in a fight with a bully named Biff, remember that Amwell brings the future to your present with 24/7 access to doctors in less than 5 minutes, from home, on the go, or even at the enchantment under the sea dance.

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