Tips for Healthier Halloween Treats

Tips for Healthier Halloween Treats

Updated December 2020. 

Halloween is right around the corner and stores are filled to the brim with costumes, decorations, and candy. With overly-excited children and a myriad of choices, what’s a parent to do? Well, rest assured that we have some tips to make All Hallows’ Eve an event everyone is happy to celebrate. Here are just a few items to add to your goodie bowl to make this year a little healthier.

Healthier Halloween treats

  • Whole-grain cheddar crackers
  • Individual fruit cups
  • Low-fat pudding cups
  • Fruit snacks made with 100% fruit with added vitamin C
  • Fruit leathers made with 100% fruit
  • Baked, unsalted bags of pretzels
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Animal-shaped graham crackers made without trans fats
  • Cereal bars made with real fruit

The list goes on!

All of these items are available in snack-size packages. Remember to read labels when making your purchase to double-check ingredients. For example: Make sure cheddar crackers are made with whole grains and that juice boxes are made with 100% fruit.

Some other alternate options that trick-or-treaters can’t get enough of include Halloween pencils, tattoos, spider rings, or stickers. And, of course, if you just can’t resist, you can always opt for bite-size candy! After all, healthy eating is all about balance. Have a happy Halloween!

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