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What does it mean to be neurotic?

The term "neurotic" is actually no longer a term used in any official clinical diagnosis system or classification. While "neurosis" was once included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a diagnosis, this was removed in 1980 and is not commonly used by mental health professionals today. We now understand these symptoms to more appropriately fit with anxiety and depressive disorders. As with any outdated term, the meaning and use of the term neurotic and neurosis can vary considerably from person to person. In other words, without a standardized and official definition of diagnosis or symptom, there is a great deal of room for various interpretations and understandings of any mental health concept. Generally speaking, neurosis reflects a period of experiencing anxiety or obsessive thoughts, which can contribute to emotional instability and generally cause distress. At times, these symptoms may be severe enough to interfere with some areas of functioning, but not to a severe or significant degree. The good news is that these symptoms and experiences are well understood and treated within the framework of anxiety and/or depression, which most mental health clinicians are very experienced at working with!

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