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What does it mean to have high functioning depression?

Depression is not a “state of mind” or attitude problem that can be changed by simply “thinking more positively”. These are unfortunate misconceptions that perpetuate stigma which can lead to hiding the severity of symptoms and not seeking help. Depression is a medical condition that includes biological, chemical and medical factors.

Many people who suffer from Depression are considered “high functioning” and will continue to achieve and perform at high levels and may go to great lengths to hide their symptoms. Often, the symptoms of Major Depression will make day to day functioning nearly impossible and these changes are noticeable to others. Many people though can experience these same symptoms with slightly less severity and maintain day to day functioning, so their depression is not as noticeable. It is important to realize that even when able to maintain functioning, people are suffering, and symptoms should not be minimized. A therapist can help to sort out the symptoms and factors of depression in order to establish an accurate diagnosis and develop a plan for treatment.

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