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Should I See a Doctor? Top 10 Conditions for Online Doctor Visits

Should I See a Doctor? Top 10 Conditions for Online Doctor Visits

Written By: Cassandra Aviles on May 22, 2014

Updated August 2020.

Doctors on Amwell can help with many health concerns. Here are some of the most common conditions people see a doctor online for.

Sinus infection

Sinus infections are the most common condition Amwell doctors treat. The big question is whether the sinus infection is viral or bacterial as the latter usually calls for antibiotics.

Common cold

Your doctor may call it a type of upper respiratory infection but most people know it as the common cold. It can be important to see a doctor online about this to make sure it’s not something more serious as well as make sure your at-home treatment is on track.


Any time you have a cough that won’t quit, it’s worth having a doctor listen. Bronchitis is pretty common and can usually develop if you have a cold or other respiratory infection. Amwell doctors can help recommend the best course of treatment for you. Possible recommendations may include an inhaler or an antibiotic if your condition is caused by a bacterial infection.

Urinary tract infection

urinary tract infection (UTI) can be painful and uncomfortable. If you’ve had a UTI once, you may also be more likely to get a UTI in the future. The faster you see a doctor, the faster you can start an antibiotics regimen and start feeling better. Amwell doctors can help treat UTIs in women. 

Sore throat

A sore throat is a symptom of many common conditions. Also known as pharyngitis, a sore throat can be caused by a virus such as a cold or flu, or by a condition such as strep throat.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

This condition is incredibly common across the population but especially among children. It’s also very contagious which makes it important to see a doctor and start a treatment plan as soon as possible.

Upset stomach

Whether caused by food poisoning, gastritis, or norovirus, an upset stomach can keep you home-bound for the entire duration of your symptoms. Try to stay hydrated and talk to a doctor online for non-emergency concerns.


The best way to prevent the flu is to get a seasonal flu vaccine. However, if you develop flu symptoms you may want to have a visit with a doctor to get next steps for care.  


Also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, the sneezing and sniffling you get from allergies can be difficult to manage. It might be worth seeing a doctor about your allergies if this is your first season with symptoms, your symptoms are getting worse, or your symptoms are interfering with your sleep or ability to go to work.

Skin wound or rash

No matter the cause, a skin wound or a rash can be hard to self-diagnose. It can be difficult to determine whether your symptoms are part of the normal healing process or whether the area is actually infectedA doctor will be able to take a look at the wound or rash over video and have a better idea about what you can do for treatment.

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