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Resources for Your Mental Health Journey

Resources for Your Mental Health Journey

Written By: Ashley Kane on October 19, 2020

[Image description: There is white text on a blue and purple gradient background. It reads "Resources for Your Mental Health Journey." There is an illustrated image of a person's mind with a ladder to represent the journey towards better mental health.]

For many people, mental health has become front and center this year. Whether you’re just starting your mental health journey or have been prioritizing it for a while, these resources can help guide you along the way.

No. 1

Let’s start with the basics

Image with teal background explaining that your mental health is as important as your phsycial health


[Image description: There is white text on a teal blue background. It reads "Your mental health is just as important as your physical health." There is an equation with pictures. An icon of a brain os next to a "+" of an icon of a person's body, next to an "=" which equals a full heart.] 

Just as you take care of your body with a yearly exam, or get your teeth cleaned by going to the dentist, you can check in with your mind and work on your mental fitness. Start by taking note of how you’re feeling and tracking changes. 

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No. 2 

Practice self-care

White text on blue background asking how do you take care of yourself?

[Image description: There is white text on a blue background. It reads "How do you take care of yourself?" There is an illustrated image of arms inside a red heart giving a hug.]

Be mindful of your mood and the activities, conversations, and relationships that you find most energizing. Try your best to prioritize anything that makes you feel grounded, even if it sometimes means saying no to other commitments.

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No. 3 

Make small, positive changes

White text on purple background explaining seven ways to boost your mood

[Image description: There is white text on a purple background. The header reads "7 ways to boost your mood" The body text reads: "Listen to a podcast about a topic you find interesting, clean up your desk, watch a Ted Talk, listen to a playlist with your favorite songs, take a power nap, help someone, plan your dream trip."]

Are there adjustments you can make each day to improve your mental health? Does taking a walk in the morning or setting a timer for a break from screens help your mood? Find what works best for you. 

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No. 4

How do you cope with feeling down?

Welly, the Amwell mascot, a blue heart-shaped character meditating on a golden yellow background

[Image description: Welly, the Amwell mascot, is a blue heart-shaped character. In the image, Welly is meditating on a golden yellow background.] 

Do the ways you deal with discomfort and stress serve you? If not, that’s okay! There are always new methods you can try. Consider meditation — whether it’s mindfulness, focused, or movement, it may have a positive impact on your mental health. 

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No. 5

When things get tough, remember what you can control

White text on a green and blue gradient background describing six things you can control.

[Image description: There is white text on a green and blue gradient background. The text reads "Six things you can control. 1. How you talk to and about yourself, 2. Connecting with loved ones. 3. Your attitude. 4. The people you listen to. 5. How you communicate with others. 6. The news you consume.]

Even though some changes are out of your control, remember there are always many within reach. Try focusing on how you can make a positive impact each day. 

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No. 6 

Talk to a therapist

White text on purple background descring on finding the right online therapist. It shows a man sitting on his desk searching for a therapist on his laptop.

[Image description: There is white text on a purple background. It reads "Find the right #onlinetherapist." There is a man sitting at his desk on his laptop searching for a therapist.]

Therapists are here to help you start, continue, or rediscover your mental health journey. They can guide the conversation or follow your lead. Therapy is a great way to work on your mental fitness and find support through challenges. Remember, it may take a few sessions to feel comfortable or find the right fit for you — and that’s okay! 

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