5 Apps to Help Manage Allergies

5 Apps to Help Manage Allergies

Spring is an exciting time you can say goodbye to the short, cold winter days and spend more time outside! It’s also allergy season. Luckily, there are many ways to find relief. Check out these five allergy apps to help manage your symptoms: 

1.  Best allergy app: Amwell 

What it does: You can see a doctor online within minutes to discuss your allergy symptoms and learn about the latest treatments.

Why we love it: You don’t need to step outside into the pollen-filled air to get care! With Amwell, you can find support instantly and whenever it is convenient for you. 

What users say: “I just used this app for the first time and it was LIFE-CHANGING! Less than 5 minutes for something I would have had to take off of work for, drive across town, wait at the doctor’s office, see the doctor, go to a pharmacy, wait some more… (you get the picture). Sign me up! Where has this app been my whole life?! The doctor was super nice and knew exactly what I was needing. I thought it would be weird, but it wasn’t. SO EASY.”

2.  Best app for personalization: The Weather Channel

What it does: The Allergy Tracker within The Weather Channel App uses a forecast to tell you which areas have a high pollen count. You can also adjust the app settings so the forecast only shows the allergen that impacts you. 

Why we love it: Whether you are allergic to trees, grass, or ragweed pollen, the app tells you which areas to stay away from so you can find some relief!

What users say:  “I love this app. Always keeps me informed. And it is very accurate.” 

3.  Best app for tracking your allergies: My Pollen Forecast

What it does: With My Pollen Forecast you can use a diary to track allergens and monitor how they make you feel. 

Why we love it: The app allows you to plan ahead for picnics and other outdoor activities that make spring so much fun. 

What users say: “I suffer from really bad seasonal allergies and this app has been so helpful to track the pollen so I can plan my activities and know if I can go outside next weekend or if I should stay in depending on the pollen levels.” 

4.  Best app for discovering your allergens and getting local weather updates: Accuweather 

What it does: Accuweather tracks allergy trends all you have to do is pick the type of allergen you want to track and the app will tell you whether levels will be low, medium, or high.

Why we love it: There are so many options! You can track ragweed, grass, tree, mold, and more. This is especially useful if you aren’t quite sure about what you’re allergic to and want to cover all your bases.  

What users say: “I was looking for a weather app that would not only provide ACCURATE weather throughout the day and week, but also provide an allergy forecast, since I have pretty severe allergies. This app has done both of those, and done them well.” 

5. Best app for learning about common allergens: Allergy Alert

What it does: Allergy Alert gives you an in-depth explanation about the top allergens and plants to look out for this season. 

Why we love it: It’s simple and easy. There’s nothing worse than trying to dig through all the information out there to get to the bottom line. Especially when you’re sneezing every 10 seconds. The images of plants and lists of top allergens to look out for help you quickly identify the culprit of all those sneezing attacks!

What users say:  “Love this app. Hay fever is such a downer for spring time sufferers. Can’t open windows for fresh air. Can’t go outside to enjoy the spring temps. With this app it helps me plan my day. It’s simple user interface and accuracy makes a difference for me. Thanks.”

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