5 Things to Know About Online Doctor Visits

5 Things to Know About Online Doctor Visits

You’ve heard about telehealth but maybe you’re still not quite sure what it is. How exactly does it work when you see a doctor online? Are they really doctors? How do they diagnose through video? Can they prescribe medications? 

We have some answers for you because in our digitally connected world, online doctor visits are becoming more and more common. Here are the top 5 things to know about online care.

5 things to know about online doctor visits

  1. It’s safe and confidential: Amwell is a leading telehealth provider that offers you a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant way to meet with a doctor from anywhere in the United States. Amwell’s security and privacy program is built to high standards and has passed extensive federal security audits, so you can rest assured knowing your personal medical information is in safe hands. 

  2. It’s convenient: Doctors on Amwell are available 24/7 to see patients online via a smartphone, laptop or tablet. With an average wait time of less than 10 minutes, you won’t have to wait for days — or weeks — to see a doctor. Plus, you can have a visit from home! How’s that for easy, convenient care?

  3. It’s effective: 85% of patient’s issues are resolved during an online visit on Amwell. The remaining 15% are patients who require follow-up visits or additional treatment. The most commonly diagnosed and treated conditions include sinus infections, UTIs, pink eye, flu, allergies, and cold sores

  4. Patients love it: Amwell users rate their experiences with their doctors an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The proof is in the reviews — our users not only value the service but are also satisfied with their experiences.

    Way better than dragging myself and my 3-year-old down to the urgent care to do pages of paperwork and charging me an arm and a leg without insurance. This is a total game-changer.” – Amwell user  

  5. Our doctors are experienced: Physicians who practice on Amwell are licensed and board-certified. On average, doctors on Amwell have 15 years of medical experience. Plus, they’re trained and certified to conduct telehealth visits. They can also prescribe medications as needed. 

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