Talking Telehealth with Dr. Mia: Your Questions About COVID-19 + Online Care Answered

Talking Telehealth with Dr. Mia: Your Questions About COVID-19 + Online Care Answered

Now, more than ever, people across the world are relying on telehealth for quality, secure medical care from home. We recently asked Dr. Mia, Senior Medical Director at Amwell Medical Group, to share her knowledge about online care and answer common patient questions. 

What is your role at Amwell?

My role at Amwell is Senior Medical Director. I am also a board-certified family physician and I spend many hours seeing patients on the telehealth platform.

When would an individual use telehealth? 

Our most common visit diagnosis is for upper respiratory illness — think colds and sinus infections. Pink eye, sore throats, rashes, acne, urinary tract infections are also common. Additionally, Amwell doctors can provide prescription refills, medical advice, and second opinions.

Can doctors on Amwell screen for COVID-19

Yes, by collecting patient history, reviewing contributing factors, and examining the patient. We then ensure the patient understands the next recommended steps for care.

In this time of uncertainty and heightened anxiety, how can we do our best to stay healthy and calm?

Stick to a routine. Sleep,  exercise, eat healthy meals, and socialize (on the phone) as you would usually do. Activities are also useful. I like to weed in my garden or read a good book. Other ideas are to meditate, dance, listen to music, cook, or play a game. 

What would you say to someone who is considering trying online care through Amwell?

Great idea! Make sure you know what you want to discuss before your visit. Set yourself up in a private space with good lighting and a functional camera. Be prepared for a physical exam as needed. Also note longer wait times, which are usually 5 to 10 minutes but at this time can take an hour or more.

What is your favorite thing about practicing on Amwell?

It’s a wonderful way to provide care because it is convenient and accessible. I love making people happy while I do my job.

In particular, how are you using Amwell to address the COVID-19 pandemic? 

We are here 24/7 to help answer questions, advise about next steps, and assist with non-COVID-19 illnesses. It’s important to remember the needs of those who have non-COVID-19 related concerns..

Do you have any other observations about your practice on Amwell as it relates to COVID-19?

Patients are knowledgeable about COVID-19 symptoms,  self-quarantining, and physical distancing. This is very reassuring — public health efforts are working, in my opinion. 

I see that people are becoming anxious and there are more visits related to difficulty sleeping and heart palpitations. We are here to help people and reassure them about their medical and mental health. Talking it out is often the treatment.

If you have additional telehealth questions that you’d like to have answered, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #TalkingTelehealth. 

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