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Is there a type of person who benefits most from therapy?

All sorts of people with all sorts of symptoms, experiences, and struggles have benefitted from therapy. Broadly speaking, the only real requirement for therapy is that you have some degree of motivation to be there. It can be small, and it can ebb and flow, but without some willingness to participate in treatment, a therapist is hardpressed to offer any help. With willingness and an open mind, anyone can benefit from therapy. Online therapy in particular can help break down some of the most common barriers to accessing mental health care. The technology allows you to have a therapy appointment from nearly any location that is convenient and comfortable to you. There is no travel to an office, and telehealth provides access to a wider selection of clinicians for those with limited local mental health resources. Going to an office setting, sitting in a waiting room, etc can be uncomfortable for some, and telehealth affords the privacy and anonymity of treatment from your own home. Because telehealth offers flexibility to therapists as well, there is generally more availability for appointments in evenings, early mornings, weekends, holidays, and other times outside of traditional office hours. The video technology is simple to use from devices many folks already own, and most people find that the screen tends to "fade away" after the first few minutes of a therapy appointment. Online therapy breaks down barriers to bring effective and convenient mental health treatment to people who may not otherwise be able to access it- try it yourself to see!

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